2X Baofeng BF-888S Mini Walkie Talkie


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Very easy to set the radio frequency via programing cable and CD, after you link with your computer, open the program and copy the channels of walkie talkie A, then link the walkie talkie B to your computer and paste the walkie talkie A’s channels, then the two walkie talkie can talk to each other, it won’t cost a min to setting all.

It is the best walkie talkie for your home talking, you can make the communication with your family/friend more easier, no matter it is for garden/home work, party preparing, or upstairs downstairs daily communication, a pair of mini walkie talkie will sure work out.

Specifications :

  • Model : BF-888S
  • Working temperature : -30~+60°C
  • Rated Voltage : 3.7V
  • DC Output power : <3W
  • Battery type : Li-ion battery
  • Battery capacity : 1500mAh


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